Grab A Couple Of Exceptional Grilled Sandwiches At This Street Stall In Fort

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H Paramesha Fast Food Corner in Fort is the place to go for innovative grilled vegetable sandwiches and fresh fruit juice cocktails for anyone working in the Fountain, Fort or Ballard Estate area.

Chow Down

I love their sher sangam {an open grilled sandwich}, any of the other grilled vegetable sandwiches, and the ‘encounter’ and ‘bon chilar’ juice, both of which are part of their ‘special’ concoctions.

This is a roadside sandwich stall but the menu is extensive and the South Indian owner is an amazing character who loves to talk {he will even choose the perfect sandwich and juice combo for you}. They use a finely chopped carrot and onion mix in most of their sandwiches that adds a crunch and a unique flavour.

Sip On

Their amazing juices. They serve fresh fruit juices, fruit milkshakes, and some special juice mixes.

Anything Else?

While they don’t have any format seating, they do have some plastic chairs you can plonk yourself down on. There aren’t any spots for parking, so use public transport.