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Grab Five Friends And Throw An Epic Yacht Party At INR 1,300 Per Head


Clubs, bars, and even house-parties seem a little overdone now, and so we thought of getting off shore. For your next party, you can rent a yacht for a few hours via Yacht Tours Mumbai.

Ocean’s Twelve

Throw your next party on the water by renting a yacht, and at a reasonable cost too. Yacht Tours allows people to rent yachts for various occasions – a super special date {hint hint}, a family get-together, and even a birthday party. That’s what we are talking about.

The yacht rates and type depend on the number of people you’re inviting to this party – and no last minute +1’s can work this time.

A 6-seater sail yacht called the Macgregor 26 can be hired for a total of INR 8,000 for 2 hours. That comes to INR 1,333{.33} a person, if you are 6 in number. Not bad, eh?

Anything Else?

The prices quoted are for two-hour slots, which start at 7am and the last one ends at 9pm – perfect for a sundowner. Please do note that these are the current rates, and may change, so confirm them with the company to avoid any unforeseen bills due to miscommunication. Bring your own food, and as for any refreshments that could get you ‘giddy’ with happiness, have a word with the company first.

So, We’re Saying…

Turns out it doesn’t cost an arm, a leg or liver to celebration on the water, just a little planning and stringent checks on RSVPs. Check their website here to see what’s suitable for you, and get planning. Don’t forget – despite all the water, ironically there will be nothing to drink at this party unless you get it aboard. Toot toot.