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You Can Hang And Play With Adorable Dogs At This Daycare Centre In Andheri

Bhavika posted on 11 April

Ten-Second Takeaway

As a pet parent, going on vacation without your four-legged buddy comes glued with guilt and worry. A Mumbai petcare lodge, Pawfect Life, keeps your dogs happy and healthy while you’re up in the air.

Puppy Playtime

At a time, 17-20 dogs can be accomodated. The space is huge, and the dogs are not chained or leashed {except when walked} and have plenty of space to play around, run.

No hour is the same. At some time, one ‘batch’ of dogs are taken for a walk, and the others are hanging by the playside area, with a tunnel, toys and a slide that many smaller pooches like to go down. There are three helper-bhaiyas who love spending time with the pets, and take great care of them.

They keep all brands of food and ask the pet parents to fill up a form about the portion size and frequency. They even make homemade meals {chicken/ veggies / yoghurt and rice} if your dog is used to that.

Even if you don’t have a dog, but just need some furry company and paw prints on your jeans, you can go here to spend time with the dogs and play with ’em, as long as you inform them in advance.

While holding a little puppy in one hand and having another dog tug on her shoelaces, Niharika confesses, ‘Humans are alright. I mean they’re great. But I’d much rather spend more time with these dogs all day.’

Us too, Niharika. Us too.

Awesome. But What About The De-Tails?

There is a flat charge of INR 500 a day {from morning till as late as 11pm}, and the overnight stay is for INR 700. This includes their meals as well. If a dog has stayed in Pawfect Life for longer than a week, then s/he is given a complimentary bath.

Otherwise, INR 850 is charged for a bath service {including nail clipping, ear cleaning}.

In fact, they even celebrate free dog birthdays, along with a dunce cap for the birthday dog and bone-shaped cake for all the attendees. It’s frankly, the happiest space we have been to in a while.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re worried about having too much fun on your vacation, be rest assured that they’re having more fun than you. For the rest, there’s always Skype as you watch your doggie lick the screen as a merry hello to you.

Give Niharika a call on +91 9320184864 for more details and if you follow ‘em on their Facebook page here, you will have great doggie luck and kisses for the rest of your life. Just kidding. 

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