Peeps, Go To this Kandivali Eatery For Tasty Dadpe Pohe & Black Pav Bhaji

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Take our advice and make your way to Kandivali for tasty dadpe pohe and kaali pav bhaji at Jivhala-
Maharashtrian Kitchen.

Chow Down

Dadpe pohe and kaali pav bhaji both are one-of-a-kind preparations available here at Jivhala {and you won’t find these easily in any other Maharashtrian street food serving restaurants}.

Dadpe pohe is an exceptionally delicious dish it’s merely water-soaked and uncooked thin variety of poha tossed with a mildly spicy tempering and plenty of freshly grated coconut. The secret mixture of two varieties of Maharashtrian spice mixes made in-house is what makes the kaali pav bhaji different from the usual that we eat elsewhere.

So, We're Saying...

Jivhala is a very small restaurant located in Thakur Complex in Kandivali with a very simple and minimalistic decor, but go here for the super tasty food that will make you want to come back for more.