Pawesome Life: Leave Your Pets At These Boarding Centres On Your Next Holiday

Jayati posted on 24 October

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’re a pet parent, chances are, you’re always in a dilemma before going on a vacation and rightly so. Leaving your furry babies in hands of strangers can be extremely daunting, and stressful, unless you find a friend or family member who steps in {which isn’t always plausible}. To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up the trusted pet boarding centres and pet sitters you can rely on when you’re out of town, leaving your babies in safe hands.

Pawfect Life, Andheri East

Pawfect life is one of our favourite pet boarding centre in Andheri East. Run by Niharika, who loves dogs and everything about them, she assures the pet parents their babies are in safe hands.

They charge INR 500 per day {until 11pm}, and if you’d like to leave your pooch for a night stay, then it’s INR 700 including the meals. If your pooch is going to staying there for a longer period of, say a week or so, they will give the doggo a warm and fuzzy complimentary bath.

Otherwise, INR 850 is charged for a bath service {including nail clipping, ear cleaning}.

Pet Care

F-1, Ground Floor, Nand-Dham Industrial Estate, Marol-Maroshi Road, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai

Mad Over Dogs, Bandra

Mad Over Dogs is based out of a Bandra house and run by animal lover, Vanessa Noronha. This one comes highly recommended from the folks who’ve left their best friends at Vanessa’s. They offer day-care, boarding {for when you’re out of town}, and other facilities such as training your dog. The dogs are at home, and hence, feel at home. They are well fed, and walked frequently.

#LBBTip: Vanessa isn’t taking any dogs in until June. But if you’d like to speak with her, contact her on +919820643681

Pet Care

401 Joylyn, 26, Rebello Road, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai

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Apsans Canine Resort

Apsans Canine Resort is situated in Thane, and is the animal farm we never really believed existed. Spread across a spacious farm land, this resort isn’t for humans, but our better halves, dogs and cats. All of the pets are kept in their individual rooms, that is open air sort of kennels, along with insect repellent. Though the dogs are kept individually, they believe in socialising the pets, and let out to play in the green fields.

Regular meals are provided and as it should be, regular pet parents recommend it, for cats as well dogs.


Bhawale Village, Pisa Dam Cross Road, Bhiwandi, Thane

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Drool House, Mulund

Something for the Mulund residents, Drool House is a pet sitting facility that is run by Manjusha Pillai. According to the size and the weight of the dog, they will fix a price for you. They will take the pets out on regular walks and play with them as well.

#LBBTip: They also have a cattery for feline babies.

Doggiie Dog World

Doggiie Dog World is based out of 4 bungalows in Andheri West. They have boarding as well as day care facilities. It opens up at 8 am everyday and the check out/pick up time for your pooches is generally 9.30pm. For day care service, they charge INR 950 {with food} and INR 850 {without food}.

If you’re going out of town, and would like to leave your dog with them, they have airy and safe cubicles for the pooches {6X4 is the measurement}. Your babies will be fed three times a day, and will be taken on a walk thrice as well {including a 45-minute long walk at night between 8.30pm and 9pm}. They will be played with in free time, and taken care of really well. They have toys for the pooches to play, so be assured the dogs will be in good hands.

Pet Care

Bungalow 81, Janki Devi Public School Lane, Andheri West, Mumbai

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Pet Project

Pet Project is for all animals and not limited to just the cute doggos. Do you have a pet bird, or a pet turtle or a pet hamster? Well Pet Project will sort out your woes for you.

It was started off last year as a platform to make pet parents and potential pet sitters/hosts meet. All you have to do is, sign up with them, and you can volunteer to host a pet, or find hosts for them. The best thing is, they will be regular homestays of people who’d love to take care of your pet while you’re away. They charge INR 500 per night {depending on what the host will offer}, and the cost for meals et al needs to be borne by the pet parent.

If you’d like to sign up immediately, and touch base in advance, find them on Facebook here.

Sniffing Snouts

Run by Harmeet Chohan out of her house, Sniffing Snouts is a warm and safe place to leave your dogs at. Her own lovely pooch, Tashu is welcoming and sweet. Though they generally take in dogs, they are open to other pets barring our furry feline babies.

Though if someone insists, they make an exception. In terms of facilities being provided, the dogs are taken care of. From food, to walk to playdates, they will be at home.

Bark Inn

This Powai dog centre will let the pet parents be on a guilt-free vacation. Bark Inn is a warm place, owing to the owners themselves having three pooches to begin with. You can expect your dogs to be treated like they are at home, be fed-on time and walked on time.

They’ll also get play time with other dogs {depending on the temperament}, and they offer medical care, too, in case of emergencies.


Most of these facilities do not cater to the felines as they’re strictly for pooches. However, we have included a couple of pet sitting forums wherein you can get in touch with them in advance and get on board for your other pets.