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10 Toys That Your Pet Will Destroy In A Day, But Totally Worth Buying

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You’ve been dreaming of having that pet at home and finally, the big day has come. A tiny little floof – whether it’s a dog or a cat – that is all yours. The joy on your face is a picture worth taking, but you need to realise that with a great pet comes great responsibility.

One of the biggest challenges you face in the first few months of your baby becomes an integral part of your life is the bite marks. Look at your palms: there are teeth marks because your pet thought biting a chunk of your hand is perfectly normal behavior. FYI, it’s not! It’s for this reason that the industry has come out with several chew toys for pets to do away with the biting. There are chew toys for dogs, and even cat toys available in the market that you can use to distract your little ball of floof while they attempt to snap at your hand.

Keeping this in mind, here are some toys that you may want to get:

Pookie The Dragon

When you look at it first, Pookie appears to be a standard plush toy, and then, when you press it, it's got a lot of soft, bitable texture that your pet will absolutely adore. All you need to do is throw it and it becomes a good game of fetch with your pupper.

Pookie costs INR 720.

Good Ol’ Rope Toys

Puppies love a good game of tug and what better way to entice them than using a rope toy? Rope toys are available in various colours and sizes and the good thing is that they last. You can spend hours distracting your pet with this very useful toy that plays an integral role in tiring your pet out. After all, you need a break as well, don’t you?

Rope toys are available in various shapes and are priced anywhere between INR 249 and INR 1,260. 

Meow Monsters Mouse

This cute little plush toy is not just the perfect gift to get your cat, but you can see a Tom & Jerry 2.0 where Tom batters a squeaky little Jerry plush toy with every ounce of frustration it has. After all, Tom never had it fair in the cartoons, and this warped reality could be the entertainment both you and your cat require.

Check out this cat toy your little furball deserves that is priced at INR 249.  

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Kong Pawzzles Pyramid Dog Toy Large


A really good toy you can get your dog to keep them distracted is the Pyramid Dog Toy. It has three holes in it where you can place treats that can distract your doggo for hours on end until they actually get hold of the treat and then pass out from all the exhaustion.

It is priced at INR 1,470.

KONG TenniShoes Zebra Plush Dog Toy

This Zebra not only serves as a plush toy, but also a squeaky toy that your pupper can chase around the house. Kong, the Zebra appears fairly normal, but he has a nose that squeaks, and four tennis balls as feet so he can jump around the house. This will ensure your doggo has good catching practice before going out for a game of fetch.

The zebra is priced at INR 955.

Petstages Orkakat Catnip Infused Spool With String Cat Toy

Cats often get bored and unlike dogs, do not want that much human interaction. For this, you may want to get a toy that keeps your cat energised and entertained, thereby reducing boredom and inappropriate behavior.

You can by Petstages Orkakat Catnip Infused Spool with String Cat Toy for INR 329.

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Latex the Night Owl:

Pupkart, delhi


Is it an owl or is it a turkey? Fortunately, your dog won’t be able to tell the difference, as the squeaky sound it produces is the only thing that will drive your dog wild. The good thing about this toy is that it can be cleaned easily with plain water.

You can buy it for INR 850.

Kitty Cat Scratcher Pet Furniture Arch Post Toy Scratching Perch Catnip


The multipurpose toy you need to get for your cat, this has a scratching surface that lets them vent their frustration, an area to scratch their backs, and an area that has catnip.

You can buy it for INR 1,080.

Make your pooches look cuter with accessories from these e-stores. 

Kong Feather Top Carrot Plush Toy

These snuggly plush toys have pouches to securely hold fresh catnip. Once the scent starts to fade, just add fresh catnip.

This toy is available for INR 555.

HUFT Twistee Collection Cactus Chew Dog Toy

This pink cactus is as hard as a rock, although it is made of rubber. It is your doggo’s ideal partner, particularly when it is teething. Giving your dog this instead of your hand will provide that much-needed relief while the animal is growing its teeth.

You can get one for INR 599.


A good toy can seriously end up changing your pet’s mood, so get yourself a distractor from one of the ones mentioned above and see the difference.

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