This Sister Duo Is Making The Most Delicious Pork, Chicken And Prawn Pickles

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Pickle Shickle

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What Makes It Awesome

You may have seen this sister duo at pop-ups in the city before because their brand Pickle Shickle is fast becoming a favourite among those who’re always ready for a handsome serving of some pork pickle. But hold on, their chicken pickle and other vegetarian options too are sure to make you happy.

When it comes to cooking, there’s no competing with your grandmother or your mom. But these two Bandra-based sisters, Prerna and Preetika Chawla have been brave enough to not just master a legendary family recipe, but even make a successful brand out of it.

So, Pickle Shickle basically makes neatly and generously stuffed jars of pork, chicken, jackfruit, prawn, and lotus stem pickles that are not just delicious, but pretty addictive too. The pickles aren’t too spicy, are very flavoursome and then fill the jar to the brim, making it a combination of good quantity with high quality (they’re totally value for money).

Actors-producers by profession, the sisters make these recipes basis their grandmother’s preparation of a Coorgi recipe for pickle (with East Indian influence). They only home deliver, but you will often spot them with their adorable pickle jars at pop-ups in the city.

If you wish to get your hands on these yummy pickles, you could mail them on or you can shop their products online too!

Price: INR 350- INR 850


If you’d love some meaty pickle to go with your food, then you must check out Pickle Shickle now and order in some jars full of happiness. We've noticed that if there is some soul food that you can't get enough of (curd rice and the likes), these pickles go famously well with each of them. Give it a shot!