Incredible Navi Mumbai: If You Still Haven't Explored It, Bookmark This And Get-Set-Go

    When the commercial capital, Mumbai, started getting more and more congested, the thought of building a parallel township struck a bunch of engineers in 1960. And that’s how the planned city of Navi Mumbai came into existence.

    Fun Fact: Out of 73 cities surveyed for being clean under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by Union Ministry of Urban Development, Navi Mumbai is at the 12th rank, building its case for being a city that is ready and can handle more people who are moving in from across India. Though quite far away from the mainland, it’s not all that barren. And if you find yourself there, here’s a list of places to visit in Navi Mumbai.

    For The Nature Lovers

    Pandavkada Falls

    Kharghar, Mumbai

    Pandavkada waterfall is located in Khargar and makes for a beautiful spot to soak in some nature. Even better in monsoon, a visit to this fall might add zing to your otherwise mundane weekend.

    What Makes It Awesome: A splendid view of the lush green mountains all around, and a small natural pool for you and your folks to have fun in, Pandavkada is a good break from all things concrete. 

    How To Reach: Take a Panvel-bound train from CST, and get off at Kharghar. From there, you can either take a share cab or a rickshaw to the waterfall

    Pro-Tip: Be cautious, and desist from indulging in anything daring though, because the waterfall can prove to be dangerous.

    For The Joggers And Peace Seekers

    Central Park

    Kharghar, Mumbai

    When was the last time you found a huge park that makes for a breathing space beside having activities that will keep you entertained? Well, the Central Park in Khargar is that place. Open from 6 am to 6 pm, head here to spend some quality in peace. 

    What Makes It Awesome: A sprawling area with jogging tracks, an amphitheatre, and a special area for the kids to play, this pet-friendly park is lined with flower beds and green belts. It even has man-made pools inside to sit around and chill.

    How To Reach: From the Panvel-bound train that you've boarded, get off at Kharghar and just take a rickshaw to the park.  

    Pro-Tip: Refrain from littering in the area.There are fines rightfully issued. 

    For The Kids

    Wonders Park located in Nerul is where you can take your kids. A bunch of rides there, fairly less complicated, are ideal for children. 

    What Makes It Awesome: The park, neat and well maintained, also has mini replicas of the seven wonders of the world which makes for a good field learning for the school goers.

    How To Reach: Get off at the Nerul Station and take a rickshaw. It hardly takes ten minutes to reach. 

    For The Sport Fanatics

    Located in Nerul, DY Patil Stadium is a state of the art ground that hosts national and international cricket and football matches. When it is not hosting sports, it’s busy hosting live events (remember Justin Bieber’s concert?) that require that kind of capacity.

    What Makes It Awesome: DY Patil Stadium has a seating of 55,000 which makes it the ninth largest cricket ground in India.

    How To Reach: From the Nerul station, it doesn't take much time to reach the stadium. Hop into a rickshaw! 

    For The Shopaholics

    Seawoods Grand Central Mall in Seawoods Darave is not just one of the biggest malls in Navi Mumbai but also well constructed. You'll have a whole new mall experience here because it isn't like the usual mall-strolls. There are activities to do, art to admire, great brands to shop from, and some really good places to eat at. 

    What Makes It Awesome: Apart from the big brands, Seawoods has a whole ground floor section full of indie and homegrown brands, and all of them are our favorites. 

    How To Reach: Take a Panvel-bound train from CST and get off at Seawoods Darave station. You take the steps down and reach the basement, and you'll see that the mall's connected to the station. 

    For Admirers Of Architecture

    Utsav Chowk

    Kharghar, Mumbai

    Utsav Chowk isn't just a prominent landmark but also a great place for photoshoots (if you're looking to get one) Located in Kharghar, this one looks the best at night. 

    What Makes It Awesome: The well maintained garden and fountain in the Chowk makes it an adorable spot to admire. 

    How To Reach: Again, get off at Kharghar station and take a rickshaw. You will reach the chowk in less than 5 minutes if there's no traffic. 

    For The Adventure-Seeker

    Kharghar Hills

    Kharghar, Mumbai

    Does the thought of hiking make you all excited in life? But you don't have alot of time in hand to head out of the city? Then bookmark the pretty Kharghar Hills. 

    What Makes It Awesome: This spot is a great weekend escape for people residing in and around Navi Mumbai. And it is advisable to try and hike barefoot for the best experience! The place is soothing, and there is also a stream and a lake to amplify the beauty of these hills. 

    How To Reach: You will get share cabs or rickshaws to Kharghar Hills after reaching the Kharghar station. Or simply map it and drive down to this place.