What Is It?

For the nineties kid in you, Planet Superheroes has a very cool range of cartoon t-shirts and accessories that we think will completely take you back to your childhood.

What Should I Buy?

You know how you sometimes browse through random websites and suddenly stumble upon something that makes you go, ‘Oh my God! I want this’? Well, that’s what happened with us when we magically came across Planet Superheroes, and suddenly found our childhood buddies, Dexter and Johnny Bravo make for rather amazing designs on t-shirts and accessories.

Priced at INR 349, we’re in love with the Dexter and Johnny Bravo series. The designs immediately threw us back into the nineties, and they sure looked super comfy. And the best part is that there are t-shirts for both men and women {we’re already imagining an evening with our childhood friends wearing these amazing tees}. We absolutely love these cartoon boxers {they’re super adorable} and they’re decently priced at INR 299.

230117_PlanetSuperheroesThey also have a whole bunch of mobile cases, laptop sleeves, key chains and more where you can find these adorable cartoon characters in really cool designs. The website, as the name suggests, also have some amazing collections of the the marvel series and a whole lot more, so don’t forget to browse through it all.

So, We’re Saying…

Our cart is full with all the funky loot we could get our hands on while scrolling through Planet Superheroes, and we suggest you start shopping too. Click here to begin!

Photos: Planet Superheroes