Your Old Newspapers Can Grow Into Trees With This Initiative

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A Khar-based duo is making your life simpler – by taking your newspaper lot and recycling them to plant saplings!

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Instead of cribbing about air pollution on social media, isn’t doing something about it better? Two Mumbai men have done just that. George Remedios, 31, and Calvin Andrade, 20, have been planting saplings for people in exchange for newspapers. They also collect dry waste like plastic bottles and cans. Then, they sell them to ragpickers and recyclers and use the money to buy saplings from nurseries. Started in 2015, the duo has an initiative called ‘The Turning Tide’ which aims to make a positive impact on the environment. You can reach them through Facebook or Whatsapp and they will collect the newspapers. You can call them on +919820431690 to do your bit.

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Always wanted to do something for the environment but don’t find the time to do it? Now you can.