Goth Love: This New Cafe Is Serving Black Velvet Cake


    Our very favourite, Poetry, has found its third home in Kala Ghoda starting March 21. Kala Ghoda is already sprinkled with galleries, libraries, and heritage buildings and this addition to the list is another addition to the list.

    Tell Me More

    Poetry’s new outlet is a beautiful Insta-friendly, art-inspired café where you can experience the age of King Edward Vll. Another catchy thing about the café is their bold ‘All Black Menu’ by Chef Amit Sharma. He thoroughly believes that his food is reflective of the lore and tales of the enchanting locality the café is set up in. The #PaintItBlack menu is all about storytelling and believe us, the food speaks for itself.

    The menu has interesting items like black velvet cake, black croissant salmon, New York baked cheesecake, the classic black & mango pancake and black latte. The dishes are not only super photogenic but taste amazing. The European menu gets its hue with activated charcoal that makes it look bold, black and beautiful!

    So, We're Saying...

    Be it Instagramming your food pictures because it looks unique or surrendering to the cravings, Poetry’s new outlet will not disappoint. If the artist in you is longing for some dessert, you know where to head.