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Theatre, Poetry & More: Five Theatre Groups In Mumbai To Join If You're Secretly Creative

Vernika posted on 12 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you are innately creative and love participating in poetry, theater and literature, you are possibly all set to join a theatre group and hone your creative skills. These theatre groups in Mumbai are the best teams to express the creator in you.

Avitoko's Room Theatre

Avitoko’s Room Theatre is not merely restricted to theatre, and range from poetry, narration, impromptu plays and much, much more. They are one of the most diverse theatre groups in Mumbai, and embrace anyone with creativity in mind to participate in their acts.

Check them out here.

Rangshila Theatre Group

Rangshila Theatre Group in Mumbai is a rigorous, intensive performance unit that has its ethics in place. Following a discipline with its due respect is Rangshila’s philosophy, and to impart their expertise more widely, it is one of the theatre groups in Mumbai that organise workshops for anyone willing to participate. The fair deal? You MUST respect their ideologies and practices.

Check them out here.

Community Groups

Oakland Park, Lokhandwala Comlplex, Andheri West, Mumbai

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QTP India

Rather than restricting themselves to being one of the theatre groups in Mumbai, QTP is a company that manages theatre and art. As such, the members are always on the lookout for young, new talent who would love to join theatre groups in Mumbai. From volunteering in events to hosting workshops, joining QTP gives you a wide platform to indulge in the theatre scene in Mumbai.

Check them out here.


A collective of individuals who contribute to art, creativity and storytelling in any form, Kommune is one of the biggest theatre groups across the country, and certainly among the best theatre groups in Mumbai. They also keep organising multiple events with varying themes, in which anyone can participate.

Check them out here.

NOW Productions

Founded by FTII graduate Vinay Sharma, NOW Productions’ philosophy is to live the moment and give flight to creativity. It brings together actors, directors, musicians, dancers, writers and many other creative artists to form an exciting group of artsy minds. The freedom to express oneself is what makes this place stand out as one of the best theatre groups in Mumbai.

Check them out here.


You can also sometime watch a rehearsal at Prithvi Adda in Prithvi Theatre.