Climb, Fly, Repeat: Have You Given Pole Dancing With Pole Star India A Shot Yet?

What Makes It Awesome

You've probably grown up watching a whole lot of Pole dancing in Bollywood films. If you're curious, you must have wondered why you've always seen women doing it, and why the society thinks its a sexual form of dancing. But let's get to what makes this style graceful, and challenging, shall we?

I've always wanted to give pole dancing a shot. So when I stumbled upon actress and dancer Ssmiley Suri's academy that's known by the name of Pole Star India, I stalked her on Instagram and instantly knew that I'm signing up for the right place. Pole Star India was born in the July of 2017,  as a result of Ssmiley's dedication and devotion to this dance form. She trained herself for Pole, with the determination to break the common notions of how its considered to be a 'shady' form of dance that's mostly seen in Bars or in sexual Bollywood numbers. She told us how Pole dance is beyond all of that. It requires a humongous amount of upper and lower body strength. And you get multiple scars while practicing how to climb that pole with perfection. She also mentioned how things are changing and she's getting a few male students to sign up for classes too. 

We started off with some warm-up (obviously) coz I'm a beginner guys. And then there was some Fireman's spin, the Flying Chair, and the Pole Climb, that may have taken away all the energy I came to learn this form with. But did I enjoy doing it? Hell yes! While the names seemed Greek to me in the beginning, Ssmiley broke them down for me, and picking each form up was pretty easy (if you're really into it, and interested, that is)

This dance form is unfortunately not associated with any kind of fitness activities, although its gaining its much deserved popularity only now. It challenges your mind, and body, and you've got to be mentally prepped to attempt this. With Pole Star, I got to know what my body is capable of, how challenging the form is, and how there's a stigma attached to this dance form that needs to be changed by popularizing Pole. 

In case you have it in you to give this a shot too, all you've gotta do is sign up for the beginner level class with Pole Star India. She also hosts workshops for any of you who's interested.


Please do not try doing Pole dancing independently after watching YouTube tutorials, without taking an expert's help. It might lead to an unwanted mishap.