Indulge In Heavenly Sundaes, Milkshakes, Fruit Shots & More Here!

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Creamy Heaven: This tiny, easy-to-miss outlet, right on Andheri SV Road is a great option for Dessert Lovers. For some of you, this name may sound familiar as it is a popular ice-cream brand from Surat. It has opened its doors to Mumbai & is now present in Andheri, Mira Road and Mulund.


* KitKat Sundae: How does - 3 scoops of KitKat icecream loaded with generous fresh cream, topped with rainbow sprinkles - sound to you?

To me, it sounds like Mission Impossible

However hard I tried, I couldn't manage to even finish one scoop by myself. Go along with a bunch of foodie friends to finish this mighty bowl of dessert

MightyDessert, sinful

MILKSHAKES: All the shakes are freshly prepared. Milk and cream is specifically procured from Surat and hence giving the same experience as the home-branch (Surat).

* Afghani Dryfruits Shake: This shake is overloaded with the goodness of nuts, saffron and cream. Every sip is filled with crushed dry fruits. This royal shake is a must - have.
Sitaphal Shake: The frozen pulp of Custard Apple blended with milk and cream ease the Custard Apple cravings even in the off-season. This shake is so thick, it gives the feel of having Sitaphal cream rather than shake. You may have to eat it rather than slurp

FRUIT SHOTs: Looking at the vibrant colours and citric flavours of the fruit shots, confused me completely.

What did I do? Tried them all
* Strawberry Shot: I liked this one the best as it is one of my favourite fruits. Must-Have
* Jamun Shot: Jamun also known as Indian Blackberry is very popular when it comes to fruit shots. Not my preferred fruit but I didn't mind having it the form of shots.
* Kiwi Shots: Pulpy kiwi shots will please those who love the tangy flavour