Ten-Second Takeaway

The newest pet store in Bandra, Posh Pets, offers everything you and your pet need, including a lodging service for your pet when you’re away.

What Is It?

What happens when an animal-lover with 12 dogs of his own opens a pet shop? Posh Pets, a pet store in Bandra, owned and conceptualised by captain Dhaval answers that question. It is a grooming centre, bakery, lodge that also trains your lil pup, and sells the best food and accessories for your pet.

If You Have A Pet

Although pet stores aren’t a new or novel concept, we are loving everything we hear about this one. Here’s why. First of, over here if you go to buy food for your dog, they aren’t going to sell you the ‘popular’ brands but those such as Ardeen Grange and Fedal which are actually good and gluten-free {did you know that gluten is not guten for the canines?}. Everything is picked  with a reason, and out of a love for animals and you won’t be sold something unless it is what your pet needs.


You know all those times when you have wanted to go on a weekend break but didn’t know how to leave your pet behind? Capt. Dhaval of the store takes care of that. He takes on only three to four pets at a time. They are in the store with him {never caged} during the day, and then taken to his bungalow in Matunga for the night. Food, of course, is fed and timely. There is a full-fledged grooming service for all pets too, medicated treatments, nail cutting, shampoo, and everything your pet required for health, hygiene and some pamperin’.

If You Want A Pet

You can get one here, provided you’re serious about it. He sells pure pedigree dogs from authentic, good breeders who don’t inbreed or overbreed their pets. You may also get cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds {which you never have to cage, ask him why}, and even horses here! He keeps no pets for immediate sale in the store so as to stop impulsive buyers from getting a pet and then regretting the decision.


Apart from that, anyone who buys a pet here has to sign a legally binding pet contract which doesn’t allow people to give up their dog or abandon them. People have to put up their pet for foster care or find a loving family for the same. We love the attention to detail for the animals. Get your animal trained with the potty training and behavioural classes as well.

So, We’re Saying…

This is the place to go for pet guidance, pet supplies, a new pet after thoughtful consideration or just a chat with a generous animal-lover.

Photos courtesy: Posh Pets