Oh The Aroma! These Artisan Teas Will Tease Your Senses

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Saffron Cup

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What Makes It Awesome

Is there anything more comforting than wrapping your hands around a cup of steaming aromatic tea? If you're as addicted to sipping on cups of tea through the day as we are, then you might be as excited as we are to find this brand!

Saffron Cup sources its teas from the best estates around the country. And we love that they custom blend each of their unique teas in small batches so that they stay as wonderfully aromatic and fragrant as can be. The collection has something for each of us tea enthusiasts: herbal, black, white, green, health, organic, Oolong, infusions and wellness. Whew!

We have our eyes on their organic tea blends that are free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, promising a wonderful aroma and soothing brew. Brew a cup of their chamomile and mint blend for a relaxed evening or the Signature Darjeeling Tea for a morning pick-me-up. And if you're looking for a tea that also boosts your health with natural ingredients, we think the Energize Ginger Turmeric blend is a fab option. If you love dessert teas or are a bit more adventurous, try the Vanilla Chocolate that's perfect after a meal.

Prices: Signature Oolong INR 475, Jasmine Jade White Tea INR 545, Signature Darjeeling INR 475, and Vanilla Chocolate Tea INR 475

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