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Late To The Bar Tonight? Pre-order Your Drink With This New App

Apoorva posted on 16 July


21+ is a new app which has been launched in Mumbai {and is compatible with 12 bars across the city} that not only allows us to order our drinks while we’re still in the Uber, but also order a drink to mollify the miffed friend we’ve kept waiting.

How Does It Work?

The bars currently on the app {which is available on both Android and iOS} are: Cafe Zoe, all four outlets of Harry’s Bar, The Barking Deer, The Bombay Bronx, The Little Door, The Sassy Spoon, Three Wise Men, True Tramm Trunk and WTF!. With a selection covering some of the most popular bars in Parel, Bandra and even Powai, we can see how this app might deserve a download no matter what suburb we swear allegiance to.

After we pick a bar {each has a 10% discount offer currently}, we pick our poison. From spirit to imported beer and even mixer, we can make the drink as customised as we like. Payment is online via debit or credit card, and a four-digit code is texted to us which can be shown to the bartender on arrival for our drink; or be sent to our friend who swears we’re never on time.

So We're Thinking...

Part of the appeal is not having to wait and hustle at the bar like we’re in a local train, but we guess at least the decrease in waiting time is a definite plus. The app doesn’t ensure a table or even immediate service; it just makes sure that the wheels of our next order have started turning before we get to the bar.

Download the app on the Android or iOS store by searching for 21+ jump the bar rush.