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Turn Pictures From Your Phone Into Prints, Canvases And More With This Service


    What Makes It Awesome

    Have tons and tons of pictures saved up on your phone, but have never bothered to print them out? Check out Canvera, a company that does that for you, while you chill at home.

    It’s quite simple, really. Through Canvera’s website, all you have to do is go to their Yougraphy, under which select “photo prints” and pick a size. You can choose a standardised square size or the free size option, choose the number of pictures you want, and upload your images on the site. They will then take the order for you, and deliver the physical copies to your home. Get these pictures delivered home, hang them from some leftover thread and add fairy-lights for a picture-perfect room.

    Price: It costs starting from INR 108 for 6 prints, and then the prices drop for the next 6 prints to INR 24. You can also choose the picture material – glossy, matte or scuff-free velvet. You’ll have to order a minimum of 6 prints in your first order, which we’re sure won’t be difficult.


    You can also make your own photo books, posters and calendars customised to your liking.