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Going Green: SoBo Residents Are Tying Trees With Colourful Ribbons To Protect Them From Felling

Bhavika posted on 15 June


While passing through Churchgate for the next few weeks you may notice that the trees of SoBo have colourful strings knotted around them. Here’s the reason why.

The New Age Chipko Movement

As first reported by DNA India here, the residents of Jamshedji Tata Road in Churchgate are tying colour-coded strings to trees in their area, so that further trees are not carelessly felled.

In Jan 2017, a letter by the Superintendent of Gardens and Tree Officer stated that instead of felling 98 trees, they would be taking the citizen’s request for refelling into consideration and be felling 51 trees, transplanting 47 and retaining 70 as they were.

Resident Lolita Shivdasani has begun stringing red and green ribbons around these trees {red for trees which are to be left as they are}, and green {for those trees which are to be refelled} so that the tree officers keep it in mind.

So, We're Saying...

We love the initiative taken up by the residents and activists of Mumbai. If you too would like to do your part in some way, read about this website that will plant trees for you.