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    Wanna See Something Different? This Mumbai Group Tells Stories With Puppets

    Bhavika posted on 31 May

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    The Puppetarians is a performance group by a duo in Mumbai who tell stories through handmade puppets and conduct workshops for adults and children alike.

    Sock 'Em Out

    The Puppetarians was started by Sangya Ojha and Hashim Haider, who were puppeteers in the Indian chapter of Sesame Street in its heyday in the early 2000’s. Sangya, in fact, was the person behind the Indian ‘Elmo’. Remember him?

    Since then, they founded this group that uses puppetry to tell stories, convey art and even uses dance in its performance. They use all sorts of styles of puppetry: ‘muppetry’ {a mix of the realistic marionette style and puppetry, shadow puppetry, walk-around puppetry and even classical Indian styles like kathputli.

    Their current play is Nani Ki Kahaani, which tells a lovely story that has passed on from generation to generation through different kinds of story-telling.

    While children love their performances and puppetry workshops as well, so do adults.

    So, We're Saying...

    “All of us are puppeteers,” says Sangya with her voice lighting up, ‘and everything can be a puppet.” Keep abreast of their upcoming plays on their Facebook page here.


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    The Puppetarians