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From INR 99 To INR 199: We Introduce You To The Coolest Things You Can Own

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A little bit of retail therapy hurts no one. And while you're at it, move over the mundane, we'd say, and focus on owning some cool shit. There's plenty in the sea of really quirky and functional products, that you may want to lay your hands on. And if you think we're asking you to splurge, you're wrong. Because we're giving you a list of great things you can invest in, without having to burn your wallet. All of these are priced between INR 99 and INR 199 (there, we have your attention now don't we?) Read on, and keep filling your cart, folks! 

P.S: If you're horrible at giving gifts, this list might come handy. 

Reusable Steel Straws

Resuable Stainless Steel Straws


Anti-plastic squad, this one's a blessing for you. We found these reusable stainless steel bent straws by Goli Soda that come in a set of four. These straws are a perfect buy for times when you're travelling and don't want to use those plastic straws. They come with a small pouch, which makes carrying it around so much easier. Environment-friendly, lightweight, and sterilizable in warm water, these straws are truly worth the money. 

Shell Out: INR 199

Touch-Free Access Handles

Touch-Free Access Handles


Getting touchy is not an option anymore. At least with unknown surfaces outside the home. No matter how many colourful masks we wear and how much we slather our palms with sanitisers, its never going to be safe in a Post-Corona world. However, innovations never stop. And one such cool product that Kraftbuzz has come up with, is a touch-free access handle. So whether you're entering a lift, opening a door, ringing a bell, be worry-free with this handle. 

Shell Out: INR 149

Magnetic Bookmarks

Magnetic Bookmarks


Up your book-page saving game by buying these magnetic bookmarks from Inside Out Innovative Designs. The bookmark reads 'Just One More Chapter' and we think that's a really quirky thing that you can gift a booklover (or yourself in case you're one) The best part about these magnetic bookmarks is that they stay in one place without marring the book's pages. You can even use them in bullet journals and planners. 

Shell Out: INR 150 

Cool & Quirky Badges



While we're already crushing over the idea of magnetic bookmarks, let us also introduce you to magnetic badges with thoughtful life quotes. IMI Studios particularly has this one badge that says 'Today is the perfect day to be Happy'. This little magnetic badge can be stuck on your cupboard, your pinboard, or you can gift it to a friend to add a little bit of sparkle in his/her diurnal routine. 

Shell Out: INR 89

Glass Tealight Holders/Votives

Glass Tealight Holders


Do you have aromatic tealights at home but nothing to light them in? Then these pink-coloured glass votives/tealight holders from Amoliconcepts may just be a perfect buy. It only beautifies your home and adds a calming vibe. Keep it at the centre of your dining table, centre table, or a side table, and watch the elegance unfold. 

Shell Out: INR 150