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Partying In Chembur? Call Raj Bar If It's 3AM And The Booze Is Running Low

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Raj Restaurant and Bar in Chembur is the local neighbourhood bar for desi food and cheap alcohol and it’s time we acknowledge its existence and awesomeness.

Desi Bar Of The Chembur Peeps

For the uninitiated folks from Chembur who’ve possibly been living under a rock {or so we’re guessing}, Raj Bar is your typical watering hole for people looking for late-night alcohol. Go there in groups and keep your expectations at bay – it’s not about the ambience but the convenience.

Since it’s a tiny place, you’ll often find people standing outside gorging on the food, sometimes as late as midnight. Now for the secrecy people, we’re letting it out but it’s between you and us. Though the restaurant is open until 1am, one can always go pick up food post that {on the low down of course}. They home-deliver up until late as well, but the regulars insist it’s where people gather to pick up food and alcohol sometimes as late as 3am.

Chow Down

Raj bar serves typical bar food. It’s the equivalent of your Janta in Bandra – the food is edible and the alcohol is cheap and can be ordered in till late. You’ll find the Chembur regulars sitting there.

The menu is your regular bar food with meaty dishes that go well with a pint of beer and a glass of whiskey on the rocks. Try the chicken chilly {INR 170}, chicken lollipop {INR 190}, Veg and non-veg triple fried rice {something we swear by}, a whole plate of butter chicken {INR 480} and kebabs.

#LBBTip: If you’re getting anything home-delivered, be patient. Sometimes it takes upto an hour.

Sip On

It’s a local bar serving your regular pints of beer. For INR 180, you can get a big bottle of Kingfisher. Along with this, they do regular rum, whiskey and all.

So, We’re Saying…

If ever in Chembur, drink like a local and head to Raj. Or if you’re living in Chembur, then you know where to go for late-night alcohol.