Rare Rabbit In Infiniti Malad Is Where You Should Head To For Great Clothes

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Mumbai-based brand, Rare Rabit is all about making sure you remain stylish in any occasion. Their design-forward styles suit diverse tastes as they have casual clothing, formal clothing and occasion wear too, all with a premium feel and finish. 

    Browse the store and you'll find Supima cotton tees, minimal knitwear shirts, artisanal denims, blazers, stretch pants and more. We like their minimal aesthetic too, and it makes it super easy to transition from work to casual as well. Shop for classic shirts to pair with either denims or trousers or go formal with their jackets and blazers.

    Find polo necks at INR 2,499, tees at INR 1,699, blazers at INR 6,999, jackets at INR 3,999, trousers at INR 2,999, and shoes at INR 4,499.

    How Much Did It Cost

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