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Got Old Sarees You Can't Wear? These People Will Turn Them Into Cushions, Blankets, Curtains & More

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All of us have those sarees we borrowed from our mothers but never wore. And now, they are just lying in your cupboard because they have a bleach stain or probably got ripped from one end, or maybe you just got bored with it. In that case, here are 4 interesting ways you can reuse your old saree.

Get A Kickass Ghagra Or Dress Stitched

Sarees with gorgeous prints make for a stunning ghagra or even an ethnic maxi dress. We found an amazing tailor in BKC, Mohammad Tailor, who will stitch you an outfit in two hours. And when we say outfit, we don’t mean a plain kurta. From a full salwar kameez set to a ghagra, maxi dresses and saree blouses, everything can be stitched in two hours in top notch quality! People we know have personally vouched for the quality of his work and the fittings.

Mr Mohammad charges INR 1,700 to stitch a ghagra if you give him the cloth. So, take your old sarees and make something pretty!

Read more about him here.

Turn Them Into Quilts

Delhi-based sisters, Manisha and Ayesha, have launched a do-good movement that reuses, recycles and work towards a sustainable life. So all the sarees {or anything that’s in your loft} can now be artistically transformed.

It’s a fairly simple process with this brand. You rummage through your cupboard to find sturdy clothes and courier them to these women in Delhi. The talented army of women the sisters have engaged in Pune, Maharashtra and Gurgaon then work on your discarded clothes to turn them into quilts, cushion covers, bed covers, baby blankets and such, and send it back to you.

Read more about it here.

Upholster Your Couch

How cool will it be to transform your couch into a bright printed seating sofa? A list of tailors who come home and do up the upholstery of your couch, whilst you don’t have time to step out on a Sunday is essential. Although they come few and rare, we have a list which might be helpful. So, check it out and give your home décor an ethnic makeover.

Get Pretty Bags And Cushion Covers Made

Colourful cushions with chunri and laharia print will liven up your room, and the peppy bags will amp up your look. So, before you give an old saree away, see if you can get a quirky sling bag stitched with it. Also, if you need cushion covers, you won’t find better opportunity to get them stitched. Here’s an awesome tailor in Bandra West who will help you with perfect stitching in budget.