Ten-Second Takeaway

The existing American Consulate library in BKC has remodelled itself to become Dosti House, and promises to be more than just your regular library.

Tell Us More

In case you didn’t already know, the US Consulate is placed right inside the ever-popular Bandra Kundra Complex. Visa troubles and interviews aside, they have a massive library with more than 13,000 books, periodicals and documentaries in stock.

This library is not exclusive and anyone can become a member of it, by applying and paying the fee, as is the normal course everywhere. Membership for the library begins at INR 400 for an individual.

This library was earlier just known as The American Library and has recently transformed into Dosti House. Apart from the lending, borrowing and reading of books, this will be a space where interested users can hold seminars, conferences, movie screenings free of cost. Computers and iMacs have also been made available for ready use. According to them, Dosti House will be a a place for Americans and Indians to connect, ideate and make exciting things happen in different spheres.

So, We’re Saying…

If you work in the area, or have maybe popped into BKC for a meal, it’s worth your time to at least see what this library has to offer, and maybe meet like-minded people too.

#LBBTip: Even if you aren’t a membership and would just like to check the space out, be sure to carry a photo ID for entry between 9am–5pm Monday through Saturday.

Featured photo source: U. S. Consulate General Mumbai