Just Super! This Cooking Site Suggests Recipes Based On What's In Your Kitchen!

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What Makes It Awesome

Getting groceries has become quite the task of late. We know what it's like to dash down to the local kirana store as early as possible only to find they don't have half the stuff you need. Or even to try your luck at ordering groceries online from the major retailers. So no one's going to judge you for needing just a little bit of help when trying to figure out what to cook for the day.

That's where SuperCook comes in. We gave the website a spin and found that it was quite helpful in offering up a whole host of recipes from some of the most popular cooking websites based on what we had in the kitchen. You can start out by entering in exactly what you have to work with - choose from 'Type' or 'Category'. We started off with the most basic 'Rice' and found that it gave us 82 (!) recipes for basic plain rice and then additional suggestions to further customise the recipes from the automated 'Do You Have' suggestions that pop up. We added 'Chicken Broth' and 'Egg' to end up with a super hearty Rice And Egg Soup, and ok, a maybe not so successful match for Chile Relleno Casserole - it isn't a 100 per cent accurate folks so keep a buffer for that.

You can also choose to customise your search by Diet, Key Ingredient (what we tried), Meal Type and Cuisine! So there's a lot of options to play around with here. Overall, it's a total boon when you are tired of brainstorming how to put together a cohesive dish from the random stuff you have stocked in your fridge. So a definite winner for a meal on the go. And best of all, this website is totally free.

What Could Be Better

We found that the suggestions can be a bit random and you may not find a whole lot of Indian recipes. However, if you are up for an experiment, we say go ahead and give this a spin.