Foodies, Make Your Way To Red Olives In Powai For A Memorable Meal

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What Makes It Awesome

Located in Powai on the street of Hiranandani. The place is known for fine dining and having a bit of every cuisine. In Indian cuisine they have - North, South and even Manglorian; In Oriental - Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, continental, Jamaican etc. They have a bit of everything but it's sad to say that they don’t master in any particular cuisine. The food is good, no doubt but you won’t find a dish which is out of the box. Though the place will satisfy you with amazing variety and the taste.

The first dish was paneer kandhari tikka - Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in saffron based masala and stuffed with cashew and chilli paste and then grilled in tandoor. The dish has eight pieces of cottage cheese which is super soft. The dish was served warm and tasted great, one of the dishes which I would recommend you to taste. Next on the plate was Persian cheese kebab. It is a Lebanese dish flavoured with garlic and tahini. It was a bit dry. I like my kebabs moist and easy to cut through. Kurkure makai sheikh - a crispy seekh of corn flavoured with Indian spices coated with cornflakes where the cornflakes gave a crunchy flavour to it.

In the main course, I opted for achari paneer - cottage cheese cooked with pickle spices in cashew gravy. I had great expectation from the dish as it was a recommendation but it was not as good as expected. The ambience wise the place is comfortable and even the manager is sweet but the overall disappointment was from the staff which leads a bad effect on the consumer.

What Could Be Better?

Their service could be way better.

What's My Pro Tip?

Go around 7pm and 8pm so that you get a table or have a chance at reservations, remember it gets really crowded.

Anything Else?

Foodies will love to grab a proper meal here, it's totally worth the money you spend.