Always Wanted to Experience Sustainable Living? This Organic Farmstay Will Do The Trick

Redstone Organic Homestay


Redstone Organic Homestay is a Sustainable Living experience... Wrapped up in a beautifully rustic homestay in the hills!

What Makes It Awesome

Redstone is an exercise in sustainable living - an uber simple, rustic homestay, this space promises to be eco/animal/people friendly! Replete with several cozy nooks, cuddly animals and colourful sitouts, Redstone is made for you if you're looking to do a test run on the whole sustainable living thing. It's a no-plastic environment, so be prudent about waste creation while you're here. This is THE place for a #digitaldetox, and if you find caring for animals and gardening super calming. The cherry on top? The well-stocked library. Choose any of the nooks to get lost in a book, while you pet one of the several furry friends on the property. We hear there's a hen, and her little brood of chicks, too!

Need more bonuses? Here you go - they've got that elusive indoor fireplace that you've been dreaming of... And hammocks for when you'd like to unwind - book or no book in hand.

Perched in Panchgani, this spot is cool all year round, and we're wondering why you haven't already booked it!


Redstone is completely eco-friendly, so you've got to keep the plastic waste out of here. If you do create plastic waste, you've got to carry it back to the city with you.

Redstone Organic Homestay