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Re-Energise - Rejoice - Retox! Pune’S Hottest Cocktail Bar Comes To Mumbai.

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What Makes It Awesome?

It’s time to re-energise your plans! Pune’s favourite Cocktail bar - RETOX comes to Mumbai to revive the party circuit and re-invent your night outs with its unique cocktail and food concoctions that have attained its LEGENDARY status promising to bowl you over.

Bringing their trademark Dine at The Bar’ concept to Mumbai, RETOX invites you in with tables that emerge out of the bar counter itself. This twist to your normal bar seating allows you to have a peek at all the action that happens behind the bar from the comfort of your table. The dark-themed setting with vintage chandeliers, a mix of wooden and metal furniture, and a wall covered with graffiti might feel familiar, however, the setting works owing to well-spaced tables and an inviting vibe. With a space that can accommodate over 100 people, it opens up to a mix of high and low tables with two dedicated private dining sections tucked away giving guests privacy and a cosy environment.

Each section of the menu boasts signature preparations where you expect on-point pub grub, which work well with your drink. Enjoy bites like RETOX’s unique chakra Roti Chips – Chapati crisps with in-house masala and green chilli thecha which is a family recipe and favourite or the Retox Fries - their version of loaded fries which come not only topped with sauces but also with finely chopped onion, jalapenos, parsley, coriander, olives and crispy fried onion. You can choose to top up the fries with bacon rain too. A must-try is also Tandoori Chicken Lollipops – a healthier version of your favourite bar food and Saoji Chicken or Mutton – a fiery chicken/mutton speciality from Nagpur that is can be enjoyed as an appetiser as well as the main course dish.

With an innovative mixology display, expect drinks that change colour, to ones with unusual combinations like beetroot & vodka to cocktails that are made right at your table - this menu has absolutely everything. Start with their most popular drink of the menu called Caramalised Rum Punch, a combination of rums mixed with tropical juices and finished off at the table where fresh caramel is made using old monk and brown sugar is added flaming to the drink in front of the guests. The Smoked Whisky Sour is another crowd favourite as the classic drink is smoked live, served on a unique lit platter and unveiled in front of the guests. How about savouring your favourite Strawberry Cheesecake in a sexy rendition in a slender martini glass and vodka? For the ladies, they have an awe-inspiring innovation called the Strawberry Cheesecake Martini - a dessert cocktail which has a strawberry vodka drink topped with homemade white chocolate foam and biscuit crumble. Sounds delicious right?

Conceptualised by college friends Kaustubh Naik & Kaustubh Lakaswar who came up with RETOX as a concept over their many long all-nighters while studying in Manchester, UK. Their dream was to create a place that is essentially everything from a neighbourhood bar to a place to celebrate a great night out. While Kaustubh Naik is a graduate from IHM Mumbai with over more than 12-years of experience in the F&B industry, Kaustubh Lakaswar is an engineer by trade but with a passion for food. The partners wanted to focus their entrepreneurial endeavours on the restaurant industry, so they shifted their sights to opening one themselves - and not just any gastropub, but “the best cocktail bar in Pune”. Together they opened the first Retox in Viman Nagar, Pune in 2016 and the rest as you know is history. After opening two more outlets in the city and winning several awards for the same, the boys are ready to bring the culinary magic to Mumbai.

Partnering with Redpine Hospitality, the founders are ecstatic to bring Retox to Mumbai. Ms Supriya Deshmukh, Founder of Redpine Hospitality shares, “Retox is a well-known pub in Pune and we were very impressed with their expertise at making innovative cocktails & delicious food. Mumbai deserves some legendary cocktails. Retox Andheri plays some amazing music, which I am sure, will make our patrons tap their feet. We welcome everyone to experience our hospitality.”

Hear us out when we say; Retox is here to change all the rules of your drinking plans! If good food and cocktails are your things, Retox will leave no stone unturned to floor you with their superb culinary offerings.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Big Group