Sofa, So Good: A Newbie's Guide To Furniture Rentals In Mumbai

Are you looking to redo your home, but don't feel like investing in new furniture again considering how expensive living has become in Mumbai? We decided to lend you a helping hand and curated a few places from where you can just rent furniture anywhere in Mumbai- works especially when you're on a tight budget. Why buy when you can rent, right?


You can rent award-winning designs from Furlenco, an online platform which enables renting furniture. From smart storage to appliances like microwave and fridges, you can rent out everything here. Further, they're happy to set it up for you, for no cost at all. They also have a really cool and customer-friendly website where you can check out everything they have to offer. We'd recommend check out for their deals and offer section on their website. You never know, you may get something really cheap.


While we thought that the concept of furniture-on-rent was cool Rentomojo took this a notch higher and has now gained the reputation of renting out much more than just furniture (we're talking appliances and motorbikes). One reason why we would choose them is that they offer absolutely free maintenance of their product(s) for as long as you have rented them and also help you forget the hassles of relocation by offering that for absolutely free.

Ambassador Rentals

Ambassador Rentals is a 50-year-old company that deals in not just home rentals but even office, events and conference rentals if you're a company and need to hire furniture. They even have basic household appliances on rent. It's a simple process to hire from them, just call them up and fill in the details online and they'll guide you along.

Furniture Stores

Ambassador Rental


Boyce Bunglow, Shop 4 & 5, Jahagir Daji Lane, Grant Road, Mumbai



With their philosophy of creating your dream home into a reality in just one tap, you can actually rent state-of-the-art furniture at affordable prices with free assembly. From dining sets to bedroom sets, kids furniture to even office furniture, there's a lot to pick from. You can opt for rental periods of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, and you also have a deposit amount that needs to be paid at the start of the service, which is given back to you once you're done renting with them. Simple, no?


With a promise (check out their website) of all their products being delivered to you in mint condition and being able to upgrade to new designs every year, Cityfurnish lets you rent out furniture and home appliances on easy monthly rentals. You can look at office furniture, home furniture and appliances on their website that are pretty reasonable, in our minds. 

We're already hooked onto their wardrobe sets and all their wooden furniture. Have you checked them out yet? 


Another option that we've come across is RentMacha, that rents furniture and appliances in the city. Their swanky website draws you in, along with some interesting furniture pieces that we feel are reasonable for the city. They promise to only deliver brand new items within a week to your home, so that's something reassuring. 


From fitness related equipments to electronics and furniture, we're truly addicted to this renting website. What we like the most about GrabOnRent is their combos and packages which they offer for rent. For instance, you can rent a TV and a few bean bags as a package or along with a television you can rent a entertainment unit as well.