Go Green By Re-purposing These Household Products And Save Money Too!

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Itching to do something for the environment but don’t know where to start from? We understand that it can get a little overwhelming to make big lifestyle changes that have a positive impact on the environment. A good way to start is by re-purposing! Here are some things you can re-purpose at your home- to save money, and Mother Earth! 

Cereal Packets

Cereal packets are thick, and often discarded as soon as the cereal is over. But here’s something fun you can do – use these bags to store leftover foods! In fact, it can make for a great coffee/tea pack too when sealed with a vacuum sealer. 

Mesh Vegetable Bags

Instead of throwing away mesh vegetable bags, you can use them as scrubbers! These can be used as scrubbers for your bathrooms, or even for the countertops in your gardens and kitchen. You can cut them into smaller pieces and use them to scrub dishes too.

Glass Jars

There are way too many things that can be done with an empty glass jar! You can re-purpose old glass jars to make storage cans for liquid items in the kitchen. Empty glass jars make good vases too. They can even double up as home décor in the form of lamps.

Mason Jars

Empty mason jars are perfect to store kitchen supplies! If you have one lying around, you can re-purpose it to store masalas, tea/coffee and so much more.

Glass Bottles

Got an empty alcohol bottle lying around? Use it as a water bottle! Isn’t this one of the best, most fun ways to say no to plastic? If you're really creative, we suggest you get some acrylic paints and paint it up to make a gorgeous decorative piece.

Tissue Boxes

There's no need to throw out your tissue boxes when they’re old! Use them a mini trash bins in your bathrooms. These can also be used for storing the little things- cotton swaps, cotton pads, or single use cosmetic items. 


We’re sure you already use newspaper for packing - how about using it for cleaning too? They make for clean wipes on glass table tops and windows. They’re also good at absorbing odours; line them inside shoes and even your fridge to maintain freshness. 

Old Gum Boots

Old gumboots are a great way to add some color pop to your garden areas as they make for great flower vases! Ditch those pots and use your old boots instead for a quirky touch.