Working Couples Who Can't Take A Break, These 5 Luxury Spots Will Be Perfect For A Mini-Honeymoon

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Mumbai is the city of hustling. It teaches you how to run, and in turn, takes away all your time. If you have recently tied the knot and have zero time to plan a grand honeymoon, be our guest and check out these places to have a quick, luxurious mini-honeymoon in Maharashtra itself.


    Located at Pawana Dam near Pune, Amanzi is luxury redefined. With themed villas spread across a carpet of green, we love The Cocoon – a private space that is also an architectural marvel of sorts. It doesn’t have a TV or WiFi, so that you’re all ears for your partner.

    Attractions: Luxury spa, lake view, basketball, volley ball and badminton court.

    Price: INR 16,367 for two, inclusive of all meals.

    Check out their website here.



    One of the most luxurious wellness resorts in Maharshtra, Atmantan has three packages to choose from. We recommend The Spa Life, which has a stay of a minimum of three days. This includes massages, body scrubs and body wraps. The itinerary includes customised massages and relaxation activities for an individual and group activities like yoga sessions, meditation and dancing. Basically, you’ll be occupied the whole day, well, chillin’ like a villain. This bliss can be extended up to seven nights.

    Attractions: A pool, a Hamam bath {walk like an Egyptian, bathe like a Persian} and lavish rooms.

    Price: INR 75,000 upwards for a three-day retreat.

    Check out their website here.

    Soma Vineyards, Nashik

    Imagine strolling hand-in-hand with a mild wine buzz, around the property while then sun sets in the background. If you like the picture painted in the last sentence, you should head to Soma Vineyards. You can book an entire bungalow with pool that provides you with uninterrupted views, unmatched luxury in the vineyard space and great food.

    Attractions: Luxury spa, view of the vineyard and lots of wine!

    Price: INR 5,630 upwards.

    Firefly, Alibaug

    This gorgeous villa in Alibaug is a dream for those looking to have a bungalow to themselves. Self sufficient with a breathtaking view, Firefly should be considered by those looking to hole up in a beautiful space, with plenty to do. It also houses a pet so you’ll have furry company. And if you’re looking to take a dip to cool yourselves off, do so in your private infinity pool.

    Attractions: A library, TV, a PS3 {with games}, and a barbecue next to the pool.

    Price: INR 27,506 per night.

    Book here.

    The Machan

    The Machan is located in Jambulne, one of the 25 biological hotspots in the world. What we love about this resort is the ‘up in the air’ vibe of staying here. The tree houses are secluded and beautifully done-up with hardwood floors and large windows which allow for the fog to literally enter our room. The view is greenery as far as the eye can see, with not a man-made structure in sight. This one’s for nature lovers.

    Attractions: Outdoor rain shower, spectacular views, eco-friendly, good food and the fact that it’s secluded

    Price: INR 14,000 per night on weekends.

    Check out their website here.