Stop Paying Insane Money For Booze: Here Are Mumbai Restaurants Which Let You BYOB

Bhavika posted on 23 February

Feeling broke but need somewhere to hang out? These eateries let you bring your own booze {BYOB} inside their premises. You can enjoy their food, spend time there with your friends and not spend insane hiked up prices on alcohol too. Mischief managed!

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden in Shivaji Park is where to go when you want to have a chill drinking scene outside your home without spending too much. A small little restaurant with a bamboo ceiling, they let you take your own store-bought alcohol there. Best said before however, that the Indo-Chinese food here is nothing to speak highly of at all. Have their starters, at the maximum and chug away while the TV blares on.

Casual Dining

Veer Savarkar Marg, Dadar Shivaji Park, Mumbai

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Aarey Garden Restaurant

Aarey Garden restaurant is that dhaba-like restaurant in Goregaon which you would visit to idle time away with friends. The food mostly comprises the North Indian cuisine, and while isn’t amazing, is definitely decent – And those rumours about Aarey Garden being haunted? Wave those away. It’s a safe enough place, check out our recommendation on it here for more details.

Casual Dining

Near Central Dairy, Aarey Milk Colony, Aarey Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai

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Global Fusion

We have always loved gorging on the massive buffet at Global Fusion, which comes with its own Baskin Robbins counter. But did you know that the restaurant even allows you to bring your own alcohol with you? That’s right. On all days {except dry days}, you can make it a BYOB scene, but only qith hard liquor. No beer, no wine. For the same, they will charge you INR 500 per domestic alcohol botte, and INR 1000 for every imported alcohol bottle {not duty-free}.

Near Bandra and looking for a place to chill at? Head to The China Village, a restaurant in Khar serving up some Chinese food and allowing you to bring your own alcohol. No restrictions. While people don’t go here strictly for the food, it does do some good chicken schezwan rice, fried rice. As chakhna, you could try their grilled black bean chicken.

Warning: Vegetarians, such as some of us, would be lost lamb here, as the menu definitely favours meat and sea-food eaters.

Fine Dining

Link Square Mall, 3rd Floor, Opp. KFC, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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Centre Point Borivali

Grab your bottles of beer and your gang of friends and head to Centre Point in Borivali, if you’re in the area. It is just like another dhaba on the road, but the difference is the food is actually pretty good. You could munch on their chicken tawa rice and butter chicken.

Casual Dining

Kora Kendra Road, Kora Kendra Hall, Near McDonalds, Borivali West, Mumbai

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