This Mumbai Company Makes Furniture By Upcycling Old Tyres, And It's Gorgeous


No need to paint the town, or the room red any longer. The Retyrement Plan is a brand which makes beautiful handwoven furniture, and it’s upcycled too.

What Makes It Awesome

Started by Anu Tandon Viera, who once studied textile and sculpture, began to love creating sustainable furniture choices made from material waste. The Retyrement Plan began as a project from that love, and is a Mumbai-based company which makes unique pieces of furniture from the unlikeliest of materials – cane, bamboo, and used tyres and other industrial discards.  The USP, furthermore, is that they hire migrant workers and weavers and give them employment through this venture. Everything from little stools, loungers, larger seating tools and even chair swings are made here.

The stuff is gorgeous, colourful and we love it, and want to add a piece of it to our home now. A piece starts from INR 5,500, and goes upward. 


Get in touch with Anu on +91 9820138062 and check out the Facebook page here.