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Revival Of Clubbing Heritage & Experience The Best Party Scenes In Andheri

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What Makes It Awesome?

Opa is one of the most renowned clubs near Andheri and used to be a celebrity club. Recently the club has reopened and had made some amazing upgrades to their ambience.

Located on 6th Floor of Peninsula Grand super convenient from anyone coming from the metro. Its just 2 mins walk from Saki Naka metro station.

Coming to the decor this place is insanely happening when it comes to ambience. They have one open space and the other one with a high roof. The lights here are just perfect for any party to enjoy. They have a shamiana arrangement which is actually perfect for sheesha. The bar is at the centre which looks very attractive from any part of this area.

We were served by Chetan who was really quick with service. But the time taken for a few dishes to arrive was pretty high as compared to other lounges considering the place hardly had any customer during that point. Apart from a few delays, the experience was quite enriching.
Obviously coming to a club like Opa we did not have many expectations with food but we're expecting some crazy cocktails. This is what disappointed us they didn't have a single signature cocktail as all of them were classic cocktails. 

We initially ordered Bellini a cocktail with a perfect blend of sparkling wine and vodka. I tried this mixture for the first time as was very sceptical about the taste. But it was actually a perfect punch and I enjoyed the entire drink.  On the other hand, we ordered Long Sex On The Beach which was supposed to be a strong LIIT. The drink was complete disappointment with hardly any alcohol to feel. My friend ordered A Virgin Mary which is a classic mocktail. But again the experience wasn't good with this drink either.

One appetizer we loved the most was Panko Crusted Prawns( Must try). Though the crunch of the crust was not that good the prawns in there tasted perfect due to perfect marination and preparation. Shish Touk(Must try) was another chicken appetizer we tried. Again a great experience with the charcoal preparation of chicken tandoor pieces. This was topped with mayo which made it more drooling.

Coming to the main course we tried 3 Beans Spaghetti and enjoyed it. The best part was pasta was cooked with perfect spices and had deep fried beans which were fun to eat along with the pasta. It is a perfect main course when you are there to enjoy your drinks. Apricot Old Fashioned (Must try) was the only cocktail which actually felt premium. The taste was very authentic and had a perfect proportion of bourbon whiskey.

So we completed our meal with two drooling desserts Chocolate Espresso Fudge and Tiramisu. Espresso fudge had a taste of both caffeine and alcohol. So it was on the bitter side and served with whipped cream to compensate for the bitterness. Tiramisu tasted well but again was not a classic tiramisu with cocoa powder around and infused caffeine. Even this had a bit of liquor.

What Could Be Better?

Do add some mocktails to your menu.

Addition of some signature cocktails as the bar is actually beautiful and people would love to try your creations.

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