Love Thy Hair: Reconnect With Nature & Opt For Clean Beauty With Revora Organics

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What Makes It Awesome

Clean beauty is a concept that makes us want to go a step ahead and generally take care of the raw materials we're given and nourish it a bit more. In terms of haircare, any product that is natural always gets brownie points, right? Keeping that in mind, say hello to Revora Pure Organics, a brand that is all about reconnecting with nature, with a host of 100% pure and organic plant extracts and cold-pressed oils that are sure to make one feel the benefits in mind, body and soul. All the products are locally sourced and handmade - the brand's mission is to bring the time-honoured traditions of Ayurveda into our daily lives. 

 They're currently into haircare products - We're excited to try their hair elixir (for all hair types) that is a blend of coconut, mustard and olive oil, along with herbs that can help soothe the scalp for hair growth and reduce hair damage. The 100 ml variant will cost you INR 1,000.

 They also have a revitalising hair mask which has a blend of soothing botanicals like curry leaves, fenugreek seeds, hibiscus amongst others. A 100 gms pack will cost you INR 800. 

 If you're wanting to take that step towards a cleaner world, this is the path to follow! Buy them right here on Shop on LBB.