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Classic Rom-Coms To Watch On Netflix Party With Your S.O.


    No more coffee dates or long romantic walks with your partner? Lambi judai with your bae can really be saddening at times. While we're sure you guys video call each other, send fun stuff across or tag each other on multiple posts on social media - we've got another cute idea for couples who are miles apart. How about binge-watching your favourite rom-com together?

    Now if you're done and dusted with most video streaming services, give Netflix Party a chance. We're listing out the top rom-com you can watch with your bae on Netflix Party. 

    Two Weeks Notice

    Another romance classic which revolve around a hard-working lawyer (Sandra Bullock) and a rich businessman (Hugh Grant) together. Sure, their interests and point of views clash but these two are literally like yin and yan and perfect for each other. 

    The Proposal

    This movie brings together to our two favorites - Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullocks. A cute rom-com where workaholic and powerful Sandra finds a new purpose in her life when she visits her assistant's (Ryan) home town.

    The Notebook

    No rom-com list is complete without the mention of this movie. The movie beautifully portrays two teenagers who fall in love during their summer break. But fate sets them apart. What happens next? Watch to know!

    Sleepless In Seatle

    Another 90s classic which brings together two complete strangers together via a radio talk show. Finally, after weeks of uncertainty, the movie ends with a beautiful proposal on The Empire state building. How cute, isn't it?


    While this one's not entirely a rom-com, but worth a mention in this list. A popular and a rich teen who's in high school who develops a crush for her ex-stepbrother. The movie amazingly captures the high-school drama and romance. 

    Sweet Home Alabama

    She's a socialite. She's engaged to the most eligible bachelor in town. She's on cloud 9. But her past keeps haunting her and makes her return to her husband whom she was married to during her teens. And he refuses to divorce her. A great mix of drama, emotions and romance - this movie makes us fall in love with Reese Witherspoon all over again. 

    Set It Up

    A workplace drama which includes two young assistants (both frustrated) and two kinda horrible bosses. To make their work life easy and to keep their bosses off their back - the two assistants plan to set up both their bosses (wait for it...) with each other. Cute plan! Does it work? You'll find out!

    Love Happens

    Grab your popcorn for a rom-com which is as classic as in can get. This movie is a spin on the classic formula where a girl meets boy and instead shows how a boy meets a girl.

    Friends With Benefits

    Hilarious, ironic and sweet, this movie always brings a smile to our faces. The love story starts with the lead (Jamie) who's a headhunter and convinces Dylan to take up a job at GQ. While they started of with friendship, they choose to opt for a casual relationship and become each other's friends with benefits. But, what started of as a casual relation soon turns into a serious love story. 


    Watched most of these? Well, we've got more suggestions for you. Scroll through our streaming section and pick something to watch.