This Service By The Dabbawallas Lets You Donate Surplus Food To The Needy

    What Is It?

    India has one of the highest numbers of undernourished individuals in the world. Most of these people can be fed from the food wasted at homes, which, according to a UN report, is 40% every day. There are NGOs across the country working towards fixing this number, and Mumbai Roti Bank is one of them.


    Tell Me More

    Mumbai Roti Bank, a food rescue organisation, aims to collect food which otherwise goes to waste {big events, lavish functions, even home parties} and redistributes it to thousands of people in the slums who go hungry. Every night, the NGO picks up freshly prepared food from regulated food businesses such as hotels, arenas and cafeterias, and delivers it safely to serve the hungry.

    The people who collect the food include members of the Mumbai Dabbawalla Association. The initiative is mentored by Former Director General of Police, Shri D. Sivanandhan and Mr. Nitin Khanapurkar {an NRI based out of London}.

    How Does It Work?

    Mumbai Dabbawalas had started this initiative 2 years ago, ferrying left-over food by just 2-5 people on bicycles, on a part-time basis intermittently and in a few pockets in Mumbai. On Dec 23, this initiative was inaugurated by donating a dedicated vehicle to scale this up significantly. The initial ground level operations began with support from a few members of Mumbai Dabbawalas.

    In the first 75 days, they were able to distribute in excess of 30,000 meals without taking any breaks for holidays or weekends. Even now, their last distribution typically happens at 10.30 PM every day.

    Mumbai Roti Bank has a designated van that travels from place to place to collect food. If you want to donate food, then you can call them on +918655580001. You can also help by becoming a volunteer.

    So, We're Saying...

    It’s your chance to start reducing food wastage at home, and what better way to begin it than by associating with an NGO that works towards feeding the poor?

    Visit their website to make a donation or become a volunteer.