Sleepyheads, This Alarm Clock Only Shuts Up When You Stand On It

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    If you have trouble getting up in the morning {which most probably you do}, you need to meet Ruggie, a revolutionary clock which will not only get you out of bed on time but will reward you with daily motivation and start your mornings off right!

    What Makes It Awesome

    For all the people who are tired of sleeping through their alarms, we have an alarm clock that will literally make you get up to turn it off. Say bye to your habit of hitting the snooze button again and again and say hello to early mornings.

    Ruggie – the alarm clock is basically a rug plus alarm clock that goes of when you get down from the bed and step on it for 3 to 30 seconds {depends on what limit you have set}. The countdown starts when it senses that you are up.

    The alarm is also very easy to set up. All you got to do is plug in three AA batteries and it is good to go. Starting your mornings on a positive note is one of the best things you can do, and that is what Ruggie does. It becomes your personal cheerleader and keeps you out of the negative funk.

    How, you ask? Well, you can upload a number of affirmations, empowering quotes, or your own personal life goals for Ruggie to greet you with every morning. Also, Ruggie is literally the most comfortable thing you’ll ay your feet on.

    It’s made with incredibly soft fleece hugged around a high-density memory foam mat. Also, its powerful built-in speakers will make sure you get up. They are pretty loud.


    So, get up early every morning, have more time to yourself and get shit done! Ruggie is ready to become your new best friend.
      Available Online