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Heard This? Sassoon Docks May Soon Have Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Shaili posted on 23 August

A Culinary Boost

Sassoon Docks in Colaba is famous in the city for a number of reasons, being one of the oldest and largest fish markets around, having been constructed in mid-1870s. But apart from this, these historic structures have a lot of old buildings that are now empty structures.

So, in a bid to promote tourism in that area and to fill up these structures, the Mumbai Port Trust (BmPT) plans to lease out four buildings with an area of approximately 10,000 square feet for 30 years, on a ‘as is where is’ basis for opening up coffee shops and restaurants inside the Docks, according to this report.

BmPT claims that leasing out these structures will help support Sassoon Dock’s infrastructure, along with an upgrade that had already been announced about including an air-conditioned fish market, auction hall, amphitheater and even a fish museum. Read this for more.

According to this report, the structures that are being leased out were earlier being used as lighthouse inspector quarters, water inspector quarters, traffic inspector quarters and archive stores by MbPT. The bid document reads that the allotment will be made to whoever offers the highest premium, over and above the base lease rent. 

While work on this will start in a few months, we’re happy to know that there is another fun reason to visit the Docks and enjoy another side of Colaba.