Looking For A Party Spot? This Might Be Your Next Hub!

    What Makes It Awesome?

    The Stables is a lovely place to enjoy with company. This place has a ton of options when it comes to alcohol, so if you like to have a drink, there are all the varieties available over here. Even if you're a non-alcoholic, don't worry they have some delicious cocktails as well as some lip-smacking food. I didn't really have any hard drinks so can't really comment on their cocktails, but their food and mocktails were bang on. A classy ambiance, with some soothing background songs, they also have screenings over here so if there's a big game on, this is the place you should be to watch it. Dishes tried: 1) Starters: ¶ Pita Pockets: These are pita bread filled with some veggies and chicken. The pita bread was well cooked, not at all mushy, the chicken tasted pretty good too. Would recommend this. ¶ Chicken Quinoa: The meat tasted pretty good, just that the edges of the chicken pieces were a little too crispy and could have been kept a little more thick to avoid it getting this crispy. Other than that the taste and quality of the meat were good. ¶ Of Jack and Jones: These are sliders, so there's an option of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sliders, in non-vegetarian, there's a choice of chicken, lamb and pork. I tasted all three of them. The chicken and the lamb were spots on. Perfectly seasoned and tasted amazing. The pork tasted good, just needed a little more seasoning to it. Other than that it was amazing. Would recommend going for the chicken or the lamb sliders. ¶ Baked Chicken baklava: So baklava is basically a dessert made out of filo pastry, so they bake the pastry base and add chicken to it, I was a little sceptical ordering this but it turned out to be pretty good. Would recommend it. The chicken tasted good. Mains: 1) BBQ Chicken Pizza: This is a 12 inch, thin crust pizza. Well loaded with toppings and some delicious mozzarella on it. The chicken toppings tasted pretty good. Loved the taste of the pizza as a whole. Would recommend it. Desserts: 1) Old Fashioned: My server suggested this dish to me and it was a pretty good choice going for this dish, the texture and richness of the chocolate can be easily felt with every bite you take. Not very sweet, just the proper amount of sweetness to it. Would recommend going for this dish. 2) Tiramisu: This is just a normal Tiramisu, but the taste was good. The texture again was spot on and the Tiramisu was nice and rich in flavour. Would recommend this too. On the whole, an amazing place to hang out, searching a place to hang out with friends, want to enjoy some live screenings, this is the place to be. Service 5/5 Ambience 4.5/5 Food 4.5/5 Recommended 5/5

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹1,000 - ₹3,000

    Best To Go With?

    Big Group, Bae