Buy Secondhand Books Starting INR 20 At This 59-Year-Old Matunga Bookstore

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The Book House is one of the oldest secondhand bookstores spreading the love of reading in Mumbai since 1958. It sells secondhand school and college books, along with those useful for medical and engineering students, apart from novels too.

What Makes It Awesome

At this bookstore, you can get a variety of secondhand novels for almost half the price. Given that there are colleges in the vicinity, this Matunga bookstore is mostly packed with youngsters looking for popular fiction books by Amish Tripathi, Chetan Bhagat, J.K Rowling, Khaled Hosseini, Stephenie Meyer, E.L James and many more.

It is located right behind Mysore Cafe near Maheshwari Udyan, and Uday, the bookstore owner tells us that nobody goes away without taking a book from here. He also has a secret book collection which he hides and gives only to those who are his oldest customers {isn’t that adorable?}. You can always come back to return the book that you purchased and take back the half of the money you paid for the book {50% of the money being refundable}.


The time you pass by Matunga, don’t forget to visit this little sanctum and get lost in a story. The book store is open on all days from 10am to 9pm.