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Save Your Money: Buy Secondhand Furniture From These Mumbai Markets

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Living in Mumbai is an expensive affair and there's no denying that. The city's high on rent and low on space. But, we found a solution to curb your expenses. Why buy good (and overpriced) new furniture when there is better secondhand furniture at your disposal? Check out these markets in the city to score good quality furniture. 

Chor Bazaar

As the name goes, Chor Bazaar literally translates to ‘thieves market’. Find old, new and ahem, borrowed stuff here for a real steal deal. Starting off from mutton street where there are more than 100 shops, it’s a fantastic place to get your house furniture sourced from. You've gotta make sure you speak to the shopkeeper in depth before going in for the purchase. Though most of them are quite honest about the quality of the pieces they sell, it’s good to bargain and make sure you’re getting your penny’s worth. 

What To Expect: This market has all sorts of antique, old colonial furniture, in addition to decor items like gorgeous chandeliers, sofas, armchairs, and even OTT big decor pieces like fountains and elephants. We have found wooden chairs and beds here too (secondhand obviously.)  

Shops To Visit: Hadi & Co, The Grand Trunk Furniture, Shree Om Timber Mart

Shell Out: The wooden chairs start at a nominal rate of INR 800, while the beds will cost you nothing more than INR 1,500. Make sure you bargain well though. 

Pro-Tip:  It’s open on all days except Fridays. We also recommend stepping out in the mornings on weekdays to avoid the massive weekend crowd.

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Bandra Station Market

The lane near the Bandra station (super easy to spot) has dozens of furniture shops in a line. They also have tons of shops lined up that sell frames for mirrors that you’d like to set up at home.

What To Expect: From steel cupboards to wooden furniture, beds, tables, you can pretty much get anything here.

Shops To Visit: New Rehmat Furnitures, Dreamland furniture

Shell Out: It’s not super cheap, but you can get some really nice cane pieces for INR 500 and upward.

If you want a few more options for cane furniture, this will help you out.

Pro-Tip: The shops are near Bandra station on the western side and you can go there from Monday to Sundays, from 10 AM to 8 PM. 

Bangur Nagar, Goregaon

Goregaon residents, there's something for you too. Bangur Nagar’s furniture market stretches between Malad and Linking Road, where you can easily spot the shops with furniture displayed outside. If you’re looking for affordable secondhand furniture, then you must head here.

What To Expect: You’ll find cane and bamboo furniture (new and old), secondhand wooden stuff like cupboards, beds, tables, bookshelves and more.

Shops To Visit: Ideal Furniture, Fine Furniture

Shell Out: This one's a slightly expensive market and all the furniture that you see, ranges from INR 6,000 to INR 20,000.

Pro-Tip: Of course, as the rule goes, make sure to bargain for your benefit. Your buy is only going to be as good as your bargain.

Well, you'll want some great lighting to show off that beautiful furniture, right? These online stores are just what you need.

Crawford Market

Crawford market is known for a lot many things, like beauty products, stationery, home decor, kitchen and home items, a thriving fruit and vegetable market and so much more, but it even has some furniture stores that will catch your fancy.

What To Expect: If you make your way towards JJ Flyover, you'll see a few stores right around the bridge. There are cane sofas, beautiful chest of drawers and mirrors that lured us to stop and stare.

Shops To Visit: Lucky Furniture House

Shell Out: The furniture starts from INR 2,000 and for more intricate work on the mirrors or drawers, you've gotta pay around INR 12,000. 

Pro-Tip: While bargaining is the norm of the day, some of the items sold are absolutely worth it. Also, make sure you head there during the day to avoid rush hours. 

If you need more convincing to head on over, watch this.

Oshiwara Furniture Market

If you’re new to this city, this place should be on speed dial (figuratively speaking). Oshiwara furniture market is a gift that keeps giving and in this case, beautiful new and vintage furniture. The entire stretch of the market has shops lined up with the shopkeepers enticing you in with their antique teak pieces displayed outside.

What To Expect: From tables, to cupboards, beds, cabinets and what not, this market is like an endless gold mine that we’d like to keep digging.

Shops To Visit: Haji Abdul Sattar & Sons, A-1 Furniture Mart, Saba Curious

Shell Out: They key to shopping here is—bargain, bargain and bargain incessantly. You can basically get anything between INR 500 to up to INR 10,000.

LBB Tip: They also make new furniture here so if you’re in the mood for something brand new you can get it done here.