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    We're Going: A Secret Supper Is Being Held Inside A Gorgeous Portuguese Home In Mumbai

    Bhavika posted on 10 August

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    When the daylight falls, a silence settles in and a select group of people in Mumbai seat themselves in a secret location, tuck napkins on to their laps and begin a large, rather special meal.

    Of Hushed Meals

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about Mumbai’s Secret Supper Project, who hold clandestine dinners month upon month at different venues. Started off in 2014, the suppers have since been held at various locations in the city.

    The themes for the night have varied as much as the locations, from an all-sea food meal to a five-course pasta dinner, or once, even a very champagne-heavy meal. Some times, they pair their food not just with the right kind of wine, but also with a movie or a musical performance {it’s hard to resist this}. One usually has to write in to them, and are then given the key details of when, what, where.

    This month, the dinner is being held inside the quiet, colourful East Indian village of Khotachiwadi. Long-time resident and designer James Ferreira is opening up his 150-year-old curio-filled home for the dinner on Saturday, August 19. The meal will be heavy on non-vegetarian food and be paired with wine. Amount to be paid is INR 3,500.

    Write it on them at to get seats. Check this link here.


    So, We're Saying...

    We hear that the meals are exquisite and the fun lies in the novelty of the experience as much as in the food. Trace their steps on their Facebook page here.

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