5 Secret Travel Spots That Will Blow Your Mind

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Travel or getaways are those golden moment of relaxation that you badly need from time to time, to unwind and release all the stress. If you end up in a place which is very crowded, you struggle more than you relax. So, here are 5 secret travel spots that we’ve discovered and we bet you’ll want to pack your bags now.

    A Secret Getaway In Lonavala With A Lake View, Movie Theatre & More


    Lonavala, Pune

    A day filled with movies, a spectacular lake view from your room, a romantic date at night and a bunch of surprises, this secret getaway awaits you and your partner at a villa in Lonavala. The booking cost includes you meals, activities and date night.

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    This Hidden Forest Near Mumbai Where 2 People Can Stay For INR 4,200

    This hidden village is a forest retreat on the way from Mumbai to Nashik and has a fresh water pool, cottages and huts to stay in, and farm animals such as a chickens and ducks scampering about. Modest but comfortable cottages for stay are equipped with all the necessities including mini fridge, a split AC and bath tubs. The food consists of Maharashtrian cuisine that will bowl you over.

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    The Unique Salaulim Dam In Goa

    Elusively hidden in south-eastern Goa, the Salaulim dam treads a fine line between being an essential cog in the state’s irrigation and drinking water supply system and a modern-day engineering marvel. So if you are planning a Goa trip, do yourself a favour and add this to your itinerary.

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    This Spot Near Mumbai Where You Can Go Skinny Dipping

    Did you know there’s a spot near Mumbai where you can go skinny dipping? Paradise Cafe in Mulshi is located three-and-a-half hours away from Mumbai. It’s restaurant-cum-hotel where you can go and enjoy the sunset, food and other activities and you can also opt to stay overnight. The cafe also has a private lagoon where you can go skinny dipping.

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    A Small Private Island Which You Can Book For Your Next Holiday

    Oye Happy, a website that curates the most unique gifting ideas, lets you book a tiny cute island in Kollam, Kerala and have the most romantic getaway possible. It is a cute village-island where you’ll be staying in a cosy wooden farmhouse, and enjoy everything that the nature has to offer. Your meals will be cooked by your personal chef, and you even take cooking classes to learn the local cuisine.

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