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Shut Up And Drive: How And Where To Rent A Car To Escape The City

    Do you always think of getting out on weekends but never do it because you hate public transport? Maybe you’re thinking of heading to Chikhaldara, Udwada, or just taking a road trip to enjoy the soothing drive through the Western Ghats? Us too. Here’s a list of car rental websites that you can use just in case you actually get around to stepping out for that trek/mini vacation. Read on! 


    Zoomcar is one of the most trusted car rental websites around. They promise to give the consumers a new deal every day under their ‘Deal Shack’ (new deals get added everyday at noon). From 40 per cent off to extra kilometres thrown into the package, we’re definitely not complaining. A hatchback will cost you anywhere between INR 70 to INR 100 per hour, whereas luxury segment cars start from INR 170 per hour.

    Shell Out: INR 1,000 onward (depending on the number of hours you take the car for)

    Self Drive.In

    Available Online

    Self Drive manages to lure us to almost book one with its offers. They have unlimited kilometres up for grabs, and you have the option to pay for the fuel, as opposed to other car rentals charging whatever they feel like for fuel in the final cost.

    Shell Out: INR 1,200 onward for 24 hours

    P.S: They also have something called ‘Micro Lease’ which we found to be interesting. They are monthly car rentals starting at INR 14,500 per month. So if you wan to take a month-long trip to the hills or just want to avoid the hassle of buying a car, this could be an option worth exploring.


    Myles is the self-drive service from carzonrent. One can choose from more than 38 car models and rent by the hour, day, week, or month. They have their fleet spread over in 21 cities. With super low tariffs for a hatchback, Myles goes easy on our pockets and we like that. An SUV (Tata Fortuner) will cost INR 540 per hour. 

    Shell Out: Rates for a hatchback start at INR 270 per hour

    P.S: Myles says it provides the fuel for free- we’ll probably book a car just to find out.


    This one not just provides insurance but also gives you great deals with unlimited mileage. The hatchback costs for a weekend is really cheap and you might want to consider it because it includes local taxes and provides breakdown assistance too. 

    Shell Out: INR 1,500 per day

    P.S: Look out for their discounts and coupons on the website.


    Okay we're tried and tested this so we must tell you that we love the service. The only drawback is that sometimes the car's delivered to you an hour later than your scheduled pick-up time (unless you opt for a self-pickup.) But the best part is that there's no limit to the number of kilometers. 

    Shell Out: INR 2,000 for 24 hours

    P.S: The tariff doesn't include fuel costs, but the good part is that you can pay only as much fuel money as you need.