We Visited The South Mumbai Shop Which Specialises In Sex Toys

Shalvi posted on 06 June


We didn’t think we’d ever come across sex toys being sold openly in Mumbai, until we found this one street at Flora Fountain with a line of shops dedicated to selling these items.

Say Whaaat?

There’s nothing quite as charming as South Mumbai. And it’s not unusual to take long walks down the streets of Fort and Flora Fountain. And during one such delightful afternoon walks, we decided to walk into what we think is Mumbai’s ultimate sex-toy street, one where dildos are sold as ‘massagers’.

Now, having known about this street for a while {we’ve walked up and down this footpath gazillion times, and so have you}, it was obvious we wanted to explore it a little deeper {no pun intended}.

Amidst plenty of shops, all of which are selling rip-offs of sunglasses, some selling clothes too, you will find dildos. Plenty of them, all arranged in ascending order {as per their size}. Striking a conversation about them with the stall owners is no big deal, to be honest. Along the street you will spot many curious faces, all of whom who know exactly what’s happening but would rather give it a blind eye. We start with asking about the dildos, which if bought in plastic will cost you INR 200 for small, and INR 300 for big. However, they also have vibrators available in rubber and silicon, and will cost you INR 1,500- 2,000 for the former, and INR 3,500 for the latter.

And that’s not all. You will also find breast enlargement gels, reusable condoms and a bunch of other things. Now, a woman asking for these products doesn’t come to them as a shocker. But what they find amusing is if a woman is accompanied by a man {like in our case, where we decided to go together and get a reaction}. Nothing dangerous, but just a few smirks that any girl in this country is used to getting anyway.

When asked if they had any lubricants, we were shown a pack of jelly that came straight from Thailand and would cost you INR 755. Also available was a three-in-one gel, which would cause delay, keep the captain strong and also serve the purpose of being a lube, and all of this for just INR 1,350. In case you’d like something else, you could also check out the vibrating ring for INR 350.

So We’re Saying…

Located very close to Horniman Circle {again, no pun intended, but what are the odds?}, this street is basically the entire footpath outside our beloved Kitab Khana at Flora Fountain. We wouldn’t recommend any purchases here, but go there for the thrills if you want to.