Shadher Adda: This Home Pop-Up For Bengali Food Is Where You Need To Be

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What Makes It Awesome

Authentic cuisine from the realms of Kolkata hosted in the intimate space of someone’s home. Cannot get better than this, can it? Welcome to Shadher Adda. Read on! 

Three friends have gotten together to host bengali food pop-ups every alternate Sunday in Mumbai. After finishing their 9 to 5 duties throughout the week, they keep the weekend to pursue their passion, that is, cooking fabulous meals. Currently operating out of Chembur and Andheri depending on the demand, they keep the groups to about ten (smaller the better, in this scenario)

A tangy welcome drink of jal jeera is given to you first and you instantly say yes to another glass. But really hold on to that thought because what comes next is a tummy filling journey.The menu changes with every session but when we went to have a meal we got fish fry and Begun Bhaja (essentially a brinjal fry) as our first course. We were asked to eat it with steamed rice topped with the juice of gondhoraaj (a lemon from Kolkata that tastes like lemongrass) and a dollop of warm ghee. Ahh, the taste still lingers on, tempting our senses.

Next up, were dishes like Shukto (potatoes and bitter gourd cooked in mustard oil), Calcutta style veg cutlet, Chanch Ha (multiple vegetables with fish heads served as gravy) and Shadher Adda Special mutton, that was totally the star of the show.Now what is even a Bengali meal without a dessert? Enters Bhappa Doi- a steamed yoghurt that is as smooth as a baby’s cheeks, garnished with dry fruits (Safe to say we couldn’t move post this food attack)

Shell Out: Priced at INR 799 for non veg and INR 499 for veg, it’s a steal for the amount of food they serve.

P.S: They take bookings via their Instagram page and also post the menu before each session, so stay glued to their profile for updates.

What Could Be Better

Since it’s a home pop up don’t expect it to be fancy but go with the mindset of eating at someone’s home.


They customize the meals according to your preference, allergies and mood. Take everything in small amounts to figure which dish you like the best and then go for bigger servings later! Also, as tempting as it will be don’t fill yourself up with the welcome drink.