Shahji Foods: Perfect Partner For Lavish Meals And More!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Ever wondered what makes certain food taste absolutely mindblowing? If you ask your favorite cook in the family what their secret food tricks are (apart from love, of course) they would definitely say ‘good ingredients’. It’s true, isn’t it? A simple dish can be a hit if the ingredients are top notch. We found a brand that aims to bring back purity and freshness to everyday cooking with their traditionally prepared, nutritious and flavorful products. Say hello to Shahji Foods!

They sell a range of items such as Ghee, Raw Honey, Oils, Seeds and more. If you enjoy a big dollop of Ghee on your food, you would be delighted to taste the one from this brand.  It is made by keeping the Vedic Biloni method in place wherein it is cooked in a low flame for several hours which not only guarantees freshness but flavors too! They also have a wide range of Shahji Oils made using the traditional Kolhu method that retains all the essential nutrients in the oil. That’s not it, they also have a range of Shahji Honey which is made from extracting nectar from flowers like Tulsi, Neem, Litchi, Saffron and Acacia that gives the honey a perfect color and flavor. All of their products are made naturally, without any preservatives or chemicals. 

If you want to replicate your ‘maa ke haath ka khaana’, Shahji Foods is your best bet. Check out their website to know more about their legacy or you can simply visit them on our Shop on LBB page and add those yummies to the cart!