Shizusan Comes To Phoenix Market City With Amazing Asian Food

    Kurla, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Shizusan - Asian cuisine. Kurla Market city. New Opening. Compared to the Lower Parel. The menu here is conceived taste has been customised as per the local palate. Just a tweak has given. Ingredients used are the same however there is Punch and flavours in the food.

    Started with,
    -Blue Nun Gold Edition (Germany)
    -Sparkling Wine and Rose (Sula Indian) along with Sriracha Blush (Sushi - Veg) this had punch and the spice factor. Done well with Sriracha mayo. Basically Avocado /cucumber/jalapeno and cream.

    Non-Veg I tried,
    -The Peruvian: Tuna ceviche, lemon chilli mayo and cilantro. Presented well - tasted good.
    -Mango Falernum Sour: Was another good cocktail: Homemade Falernum (syrup from the Caribbean which contains ginger/lime and almonds) this gave the aroma of cloves and all spices.
    -Tom Yum Cup (This name is normally associated with soup): Vodka based with Kaffir/lemongrass and Chilli syrup. Have a Thai touch.
    -Poached Chicken Dumplings: Were worth a try. Served with a tangy soy broth dumplings were stuffed with minced chicken/ginger chestnuts and bok Choy. The layer was thin. Overall nicely done.

    Must try the 17 Ingredients Salad: their signature dish. This had bold flavours/aroma/crunchiness/punch. Loved the pickled red onions sliced with plum dressing, peanuts, salad leaves some greens and their secret spices. Have you the sweet/spicy/tangy/peanut taste.

    -Crispy Cork & Water Chestnut with Fresh Herbs: Weak link. Need to work on it. Oily. Chef's please have a look.
    -Penang Laksa Lotus Stem: Could have been better. The balance was out as some lotus stem were soggy and some crispy. Needed the punch which was missing. Missed the wow factor.

    -Stir-Fried Seasonal Greens tossed with light soy and bird eye chilli. Monsoon's a bit difficult to get the greens. brocooli/spinach/carrots/zucchini/onions/scallions/capsicum/peas/pok Choy were some of the greens used. Garlic imminent. Overall a light and a lovely dish to have. Comfort food.
    -Sichuan Garlic Chicken: Comfort food. Diced chicken in Chilli and soy sauce with exotic vegetables. Semi liquid with garlic. The chicken had a nice/light marination - wok-tossed
    -Phad Thai: Comfort food. Madewell served with Peanut/lemon/Chilli flakes a few green sprouts. Overall liked it.

    Ended with Cheesecake.

    Overall - A lot of changes in the menu compared to lower Parel. Prices reduced as well. Personally, feel this is a comfort for one and all. Go for it. A couple of flaws which the chef needs to work on. Cheers.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹500 - ₹1,000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Big Group, Kids, Bae.
      Kurla, Mumbai